NM 14, NM 536, and Frost Road Intersection Reconstruction

Between Milepost 5.73 and Milepost 6.13, San Antonito, NM
NMDOT Control No. A301442

Project Overview

The NMDOT, in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration, is proposing improvements to the intersection of NM Highway 14 (NM 14), NM Highway 536 (NM 536), and Frost Road in Bernalillo County, New Mexico. These three roadways are significant thoroughfares in the East Mountain region and the intersection provides interconnectivity to numerous local communities including Cedar Crest, San Antonito, Sandia Park, and Tijeras as well as recreational access to lands managed by the U.S. Forest Service. NM 14 runs north-south connecting Santa Fe to Albuquerque and also known as the Turquoise Trail, a National Scenic Byway.  The current project involves the design and construction of a roundabout that will replace the existing intersection and will keep traffic flowing from all directions.

In 2017 and 2018, the NMDOT conducted a Phase 1-A/B Study (Study) for NM 14 from Interstate 40 (milepost 0.0) to NM 536/Frost Road (milepost 6.1) under Control Number A301440.   The purpose of the Study was to improve driver expectation, improve access spacing, and consider multi-modal opportunities. During the Study Phase, the intersection was analyzed and design alternatives were developed.  The Study found that the roundabout alternative analyzed ranked the highest in terms of meeting the evaluation criteria and with public input was chosen as the preferred alternative.

PA Map- CN A301442

Figure 1. Project Area Map with photo locations 1 through 7.

Photo Location 1

View from NM 536 looking east.

Photo Location 2

View from NM 536 looking southeast through the intersection as NM 536 approaches southbound NM 14.

Photo Location 3

View from Frost Road looking west through the intersection towards NM 536.

Photo Location 4

View from Frost Road looking west towards the intersection of NM 14/NM 536.

Photo Location 5

View from NM 14 looking south towards the intersection with NM 536 and Frost Road.

Photo Location 6

View from NM 14 looking northeast towards the intersection with NM 536 and Frost Road.

Photo Location 7

View from NM 14 looking north towards the intersection.




District 3

STIP Number


Study & Design


Luke Smith, Project Development Engineer

Public Involvement

Previous Public Involvement

During the Phase 1-A/B Study phase, a public meeting was hosted on July 18, 2017 at the Vista Grande Community Center and a series of coordination meetings were held with Bernalillo County and the Greater Albuquerque Bicycling Advisory Committee.  A preferred alternative was identified and the Phase 1-A/B Study was completed in April 2018. The Study and project related information can be found in the PROJECT RESOURCES below.  Due to funding limitations, projects identified in the Study were implemented in phases within the NM 14 corridor as funding became available.

Phase 1, I-40 to Casa Loma Road (NM 14 Milepost 0 to 2)
Pavement Rehabilitation: Completed 2018

Phase 2, Casa Loma Road to Melcor de Canoncito Road (NM 14 Milepost 2 to 4)
Pavement Rehabilitation: Completed 2019

Phase 3, Melcor de Canoncito Road to Frost Road (NM 14 Milepost 4 to 6)
Pavement Rehabilitation: Completed 2020


Phase 4, Slope Erosion Mitigation (NM 14 Milepost 3.5 to 4.2)
Funding Programmed in 2022/2023

Phase 5, NM 14/NM 536/Frost Road Intersection Improvements (NM 14 Milepost 5.5 to 6.1)
CURRENT PROJECT with Funding Programmed in 2023/2024

What is Planned for this Project?

The current project (Phase 5) will entail reconstruction of the NM 14, NM 536, and Frost Road intersection. The roundabout will include green stormwater infrastructure, addition of multi-modal facilities, and continuous traffic flow.  Construction is anticipated to start in late 2023 or early 2024.


Thank you for your Participation!
If you were unable to attend the meeting hosted on March 16th, a recording of the event and a PDF of the presentation is available below.  The Comment Period ended on April 8, 2022.

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Additional Resources

2018 Phase 1-A/B Study

NM 14 from I-40 to NM 536/Frost Road, CN A301440

2017 Public Involvement Plan

NM 14 from I-40 to NM 536/Frost Road, CN A301440

Bird’s eye view of the proposed roundabout at the intersection, view to the west (Click on image to enlarge).

NM 14/NM 536 Frost Road Intersection Reconstruction Project

Project Timeline


Summer 2016

Phase 1A-B Study Intiated


Summer 2017

In-Person Public Meeting


Spring 2018

Phase 1A-B Study Completed


2018 to 2020

Construction of Phases 1, 2, and 3 Completed


2021 to 2022

Phase 5 – Interesection (Current Project) Design Development In-Progress


Spring 2022

Phase 5 – Virtual Public Meeting


Summer 2022

Phase 4-Slope Erosion Mitigation-
Construction Scheduled


Fall 2023

Phase 5- Intersection (Current Project)
Construction Scheduled